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Oregon based. Our team is invested in the future of Oregon because this is our home. It’s where owner Brandon Parmley chose to move his family and begin his business as a design and marketing firm in Tillamook. In order for Tillamook Design to grow, Oregon businesses need to grow and so we’re vested in this project with a passion that only an Oregon based company can bring. This also means that we are here for you. We encourage you to call the office or stop by with any questions, concerns or ideas. We are eager to make this project a success beyond the completion date, which is why any additional trainings at our office are always free of charge. We’ll go beyond the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and look forward to a continued relationship.


Smaller is sometimes better. Our full-time team of creative professionals covers a vast range of expertise and experience that can rival any large company, but we have all the benefits of a smaller company as well. We don’t take on as many clients so that the ones we do get the attention they deserve. We strive to create relationships with our clients that’s more than just a contract and a paycheck. We care about the success of your project and work to develop different ways we can help you prosper that are above and beyond a typical marketing company.


Full-time specialists. Each team member comes with years of experience, training and expertise that gives us a unique advantage to tackling projects. Be it 15 years of coding experience with Microsoft, a master’s degree in design, a combined 10 years of journalism and PR, we’re a team that knows how to deliver results. We also contract with two illustrators, professional photographers and videographers. Our experience and multiple skill sets enable us to creatively connect the dots to achieve transformational solutions.


Customer service. At Tillamook Design, our motivation isn’t the bottom dollar. We want to create a comfortable atmosphere where you can meet one-on-one with members of our team, or collaborate with us as a whole and feel like your needs matter. We’re not here to sell you a product. Our door is always open (literally, on sunny days) and we’re never more than a phone call away. Developing a close working relationship ensures that our thinking is deeply rooted in your operating realities.

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